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​Ojiya's pastoral ambiance delivered purity derived from the amicable locals, vibrant nature, and rich cultural experiences. Interacting with students and attending local events was truly enriching thanks to the immediate trust and acceptance that we were greeted with. Meeting and forming friendships with precocious exchange students from around a world was a notable highlight; we all came to this programme for varying reasons, whether to develop language competency, learn about culture or simply make friends this programme provides the perfect flexibility and immersive countryside experience at a very reasonable price, hosted by very accommodating staff. I would highly recommend!

Nelson, 20, USA

I first visited Ojiya on a whim. I’d had the opportunity to visit Japan once before and had always been looking for an excuse to go back, then one day I saw a brochure on the wall of my college Japanese classroom, about a month later I had a plane ticket. Since then I’ve been to Ojiya twice and already have made plans for a third visit. The people in Ojiya are the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met, and because of them being able to consider Ojiya as a second home is truly an honor and a blessing. As for the program it is extremely affordable for what you get out of it. But at the same time what you get out of it is what you put in. You have to put in the effort to learn the language and interact in every opportunity Shingo, the man in charge, gives you. By doing that you can create strong bonds with the town and its people, solidify your grasp over the Japanese language, and create life-lasting memories at truly a home away from home. I’d recommend this program to anyone looking for a chance to get abroad with some structure but not so much that it will keep you from doing the things you want to do.

Luce, 20, France

I wanted to go to japan since i was a child. And as soon as I heard about OSA program i decided to go. I first wanted to go only for few months, but then my parents told me, "c'mon go for a year, it worth it!!". I really fall in love with the house and its neighbors!! Everything in the house was ready for my arrival and that was really great. The other students were also really nice! during winter one of my friends I made, Yumi proposed me to come into her house . She and her family were also so nice and kind with me, they take care of me during this month like a real family, they offer me so much and i'm so thankful to them! Winter in Japan is really cold, there are not a lot of festivals, there is a lot of snow but that was so fun! I remember i used to go in a elementary school twice a week during this year, Higashiyama School, when kids were learning how to ski, sometimes we built snowman, that was really fun! So don't be afraid to come during winter! It worth it! I also get the chance to teach my own language, French, to some Ojiya inhabitants.After spring, more students started to come, and more and more festivals started! So my weeks started to look like, like Elementary school in the morning, Japanese lesson in the afternoon, English lesson during the night, and all the free time: have fun and hang out with the other students and Shingo and other Japanese friends! Then slowly my year here was ending... Because of school i had to go back in france, but i would have gave anything to stay here longer! I discovered the country i was dreaming of since my childhood and thanks to Shingo and everyone in Ojiya, that was better than i have dreamed. I traveled sometimes in different places around japan. Like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc.. But my favorite place was definitely Ojiya. Shingo is a wonderful human being. I never met someone nicer before. I consider him as my japanese grandfather!This year was a unique and wonderful experience, this program deserves more attention . As soon as possible, i will go back again for sure. Please Ojiya, wait for me!

Wheat Field

Ojiya Study Abroad is a wonderful program in a beautiful little city. The program offers many opportunities to be immersed in Japanese culture and be part of the local community. The private lessons helped me to drastically improve and become much more comfortable with my Japanese. This learning stay could be hard to find in many other programs. I do recommend getting a international licence it makes it a lot easier to travel and see more of the city and the prefecture!

Enjoy Ojiya!

Jessup, 21, USA

Ojiya Study Abroad provided me with an informal and affordable opportunity to study abroad in Japan. I made meaningful relationships that I will always cherish, and hope to visit Ojiya again in the future!

Hope, 16, USA

I am so grateful for the opportunities that OSA has given me. I have loved living in Japan and meeting so many kind people. I have formed many friendships and memories that will last with me for a very long time. Being a younger student . I appreciate the affordable price of the program. OSA gives you a unique experience to see what normal life is like in Japan. I can't wait to come back to Ojiya.

Wheat Field

Chapa, 32, USA

"I was so blessed to have an opportunity like this because I thought I missed my chance to go travel abroad after college. Ojiya is a beautiful town with gorgeous nature everywhere you walk. The villagers are kind and welcoming, and I learned so much through my experiences here. I've been studying Japanese for 8 years now, and in one month I learned more than I would in a classroom. I got to experience what life would be like living in Japan. From going shopping at the grocery store, purchasing necessities for our living space, singing at Karaoke Ban Ban, and learning how to cook a Japanese meal. I met so many wonderful people from all the different neighboring schools, exploring the town, and visitors like me from all over the world. I made new friends, and I cherish all the memories I made with them. I can't wait to return and continue my studies there." 

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