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Message from the President of Ojiya Study Abroad.

Dr Yatsui president of OSA

Dear friends in the world,


I’m Yasuo Yatsui, president of “Ojiya Study Abroad” (I served as a mayor of Ojiya for 8 years until fall 2014.)


We set up this program in April 2015 after three years’ careful preparations. We promise we'll do our best so that you will learn our language and culture very quickly and effectively at minimum expenses and fully enjoy your stay here. At the same time, we want to make the most of your power in order to give our own people fun and energy as well as active international exchange.


Though the number of the people we can accept on this program is limited to 15-20, because our town is a fairly small one, I believe this program is the best one in Japan for the people who really want to learn Japanese language quickly and to experience true Japanese culture at a very small budget.


I’m looking forward to meeting and having you here in the near future.


Thank you for your cooperation,



Yasuo Yatsui

President of Ojiya Study Abroad

Message from the Mayor of Ojiya.

To whom it may concern,


I'm Shoichi Otsuka, mayor of Ojiya, a Japanese town rich in nature and traditions.


We proudly announce that our people have set up a new program “Ojiya Study Abroad” to make our town ‘the best place for the people around the world to learn Japanese and Japanese culture.'


Ojiya is a beautiful town with four clear seasons. Green leaves and cherry blossoms in spring, wide variety of flowers in summer, golden rice field and red leaves in fall, and deep snow in winter.


Ojiya has a lot of historical temples and shrines. Lots of traditional events held all year round will never get you bored. On the other hand we also have modern high-tech factories whose products are used all over the world.


Our hard-working and friendly people are looking forward to having you here in Ojiya!!


Thank you very much for your help. I can’t wait to hear from you.




Shoichi Otsuka

Mayor of Ojiya city

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