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OSA General Information:2019 

1)  Our program:

 Ojiya Study Abroad is a program for people around the world who want to learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture in a peaceful country town on a small budget.

We are not a Japanese language school where many students study the same level of Japanese together. We set up our program to meet individual needs. So the program we offer is very flexible. You can start your stay anytime you like, can stay with us as long as you want from a few weeks to one year. There is no age limit.

In addition, we try our best to minimize your expenses because what we seek is not profit, but wonderful meetings between the international students and the local people.

2)  Application:

 You must apply at least 6 weeks before you want to join the program. The application form is available on our website. Fill it out, and e-mail it along with a few photos ( No need to be official. Photos with your family, friends, or pets will be fine.) to our director:

(Mr.)Shingo Suzuki

  If you need an official letter of invitation for your visa, we need to hear

  from you 8 weeks before your start day.

3)  Selection: 

   Applicants are accepted through exchanging e-mail, reference letters or an interview by someone involved with the program. We want to have  people who are friendly and have a sense of responsibility.    

4) Payment:

 Standard monthly fee for the first month (US$900or €800) must be

 paid two weeks before you join the program. You can pay the rest of the

 fee after you get here. (We’ll send you our “Payment Method” when you

have decided to join us.)

If your stay is shorter than one month, the fee/day can be a little larger than our standard rate of $30 or €27/day.

(7 days:$38 or €34/day  8-14 days:$36 or €32/day  13-21 days:

$34 or €30/day  22-28days: $32 or €28/day   29days or longer:

$30 or €27/day)

5) Details of our program fee/person/month (in US$):

  ・ ‘Private bedroom’  and  ‘kitchen, bathroom, washroom , and living quarters shared           by 2-4 people’ plus ‘basic food (bread, rice,milk, eggs, )’ or homestay with a local family          US$290

   ・ Electricity, gas, water, the Internet, and community fee   US$ 80

 ・ Private and group Japanese lessons offered by experienced, professional instructors (      60 hours/month)For a more practical study, as part of the 60 hours, we often arrange for you to enjoy chatting with local people, attend local events, join parties, visit local families and schools.       US$340

 ・Small compact car shared by 2-4 people in the same guest house If nobody drives a car      within your share mates, then our staff members will give you a ride. US$90

 ・ Daily life support by English speaking staff members, plus participation in various local events and activities. US$100


Total                                               US$900                             


Actually it costs $1,200 /person to cover all the costs including house and car insurance, furniture, household appliances, staff members for your life support and so on. Standard monthly fee of $900 is made possible by the scholarship ($300/person/month) from our people in exchange for your active participation in local events and school visits.


You can make your fee even smaller by teaching your own language, working on a farm, shoveling snow and so on.  Applicants who stay on our program for over three months make $300-400 per month on average by teaching their languages to local people 3-5 hours a week. But you shouldn’t expect to start making money as soon as you get here. We will help you get a good part-time job after you get used to living here.


Also you’ll be offered some discount after three months’ stay in exchange for your help with our program as a part-time staff member.


The guest-house is fully furnished including fridge, washing machine, TV, microwave-oven, futon mats, dishes, pans, and at least one air-conditioner and heater.  But we recommend you prepare at least $100 for other items you may need.


If you can afford $1,500/month or more, you can live by yourself with a private flat and a car.


If your stay is shorter than one month, the fee/day can be a little larger than our standard rate of $30/day. It depends how long you stay here and what you want to do during your stay.


6)  Group application:

   If you want to join us in a group of 3 or more people, you can share a

guest house and a car within your own group. You also get some discount

if your Japanese levels are almost the same and if you can share the Japanese lessons.


7) The people we want to have here:

 ・Those who have clear target and study hard (We don’t want people

     who just fool around.)

   ・Those who are friendly and willing to mingle with local people.

   ・Those who follow basic social rules and get along well with people. (Sorry but we can’t   have people who smoke or drink too much.)

   ・Those who speak basic Japanese or English.

   ・Those who have enough funds to stay here.( We know money is important for   everyone,  but we don’t want people whose main concern is always money. )


8) Insurance:

 Be sure to have proper insurance to cover unexpected injury and  sickness. Your insurance should also cover any liability for damage and loss you may cause to the properties in the guest house or the host family. General liability insurance costs only a few dollars, but it is very important when you live in someone else’s house.

  The driving of one of our cars is covered by OUR insurance (we know it is difficult and costly to buy driving insurance outside your country).


9) International Driver’s License:

   We recommend that you bring an international driver’s license if it’s not too difficult to get one. We have a small compact car for each guest house. Driving in a local town in Japan isn’t as difficult as you might think.


10) Certificate:

 An official certificate from the city of Ojiya and OSA will be awarded to those who have completed the program ( 3 months or longer). This certificate can be used for jobs back in your own country or for credits from your university.

 We can also help you find a job at one of the local companies in and around Ojiya, or help you get into a Japanese college when you have mastered basic Japanese.

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