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Ojiya Study Abroad is a non-profit organisation aimed at helping international people learn the Japanese language and learn about Japanese culture on a small budget. OSA is fully supported by the City of Ojiya and offers individuals the opportunity to study in a more traditional Japanese environment. Through OSA you will be able to study in our lovely city from a few weeks to one year at a cost that is roughly half of what you would be paying for in a large language school that the big cities of Japan offer. 

Depending on your age and school status you can choose to live either in one of our guest houses, or with a local family on one of our home stay programs. During the weekdays you can visit schools, temples, farms, nursing homes, gyms, or a variety of other places to immerse yourself into the community. On weekends there are various local activities waiting for you, such as festivals, tea ceremonies, folk dances, sporting events, or you can simply rest at home or spend time with your local host family.

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