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Application Instructions

Ojiya Study Abroad considers the admissions process to be an important process of the study abroad experience. We hope that our in-depth application and subsequent conversations will help you focus in on what you want to get out of this program so that your experience can be meaningful and one to remember. Please complete and return the following application materials to us, and don’t forget to make copies for your own records.

Application Deadlines

Please note that OSA does not exclusively function on typical study abroad time schedules. This means that our programs are more flexible which allows us to help you make a schedule that is best and easiest for you. However it is still important to apply early at least six weeks before you join the program, so that we can prepare home-stays guesthouses or language lesson schedules in time.  If you need an official letter of invitation for your visa, we need to hear from you 8 weeks before your start day.

Application Materials

Your application will not be reviewed until we receive all of the following materials:

□          Application

□          Two (2) references, at least one being an academic reference: sent to Ojiya Study Abroad.

            Academic references should come from a teacher, professor or your academic adviser.

           References are not necessary if you live in the area where you can be interviewed by someone involved with the program.

□          Self-introduction

□          A few photos of yourself (casual, family etc)

Mail, or email your application to:


  Ojiya Study Abroad

                7-36 Asahi-cho

                Ojiya, Niigata

                947-0005 JAPAN

Fax: 81-258-83-2745

It is the policy of Ojiya Study Abroad to provide equal employment and educational opportunities for all persons regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, nationality or religion.

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