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Enjoy the summer festival and beach life with friends and locals

Our Summer Program runs between the months of June and August. We offer an easy getaway from your regular life in between school years that will create memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy and take part in the many festivals held throughout the summer! We highly recommend joining in on the biggest festival Ojiya has each year; the Ojiya Summer Festival. You can try out traditional dance like bon odori as well as ear delicious festival food like karaage. A special part of our program is how community oriented it is. Each year our study abroad students get to take part in the parade held during the Ojiya Summer Festival. You can learn how to play taiko drums, operate a float, or just wave to the town members out enjoying the festivities.




Broaden your horizons amid the sakura

Our Spring Program Runs between the months of March and May. Experience Japan during the best time of the year, where the weather is perfect and the flowers on the surrounding mountains start to bloom. Take part in activities with the locals such as flower viewing which is known as hanami. Ojiya has many Japanese cherry trees that blossom in Spring that people from all over come to see the beautiful pink and white flowers that fill the trees and float gently in the wind. The blossoming flowers also mark the start of the Japanese school year where you can meet and study with students of all levels, from first grade elementary students to students that just made the jump to high school.

Ojiya’s traditional bull sumo wrestling begins in May and continues through summer ending in mid fall. Watch bulls from all over Japan gather for this fun event where they go head to head, but don’t worry the people do their all to make sure no person or bull is harmed.



Relax and experience Japanese culture through the change of season 

Our Fall Program runs September until November. Come relax and visit some of our lovely natural hot springs which are a short drive from the guesthouses. Because of the changing leaves Fall offers some of the best scenery to enjoy in rotenburo, outdoor hot springs. Experience first hand Japanese school culture festivals where you can see all the hard work students put into having fun.

Also held in Fall is the world famous Katakai fireworks festival which held the record for world's largest firework! People from all over the world come to see the spectacle. Another world famous beauty Ojiya has to offer is our beautiful nishikigoi more commonly known as koi. Also held in Ojiya is the world’s largest nishikigoi show where enthusiasts gather to buy our amazing fish.

If these big events don’t seem right for you we also have many more smaller fun activities. There are art festivals, karaoke competitions, tea ceremonies, and many more things to do. One favorite of previous study abroad students is harvesting sweet potatoes with local elementary students. You can’t help but get as excited as they do when digging for that sweet treasure!

Winter Program

Experience a Japanese traditional winter wonderland

Our Winter Program runs between the months of December and February. If you love snow, you will love Ojiya. As far as the eye can see the land is covered in a thick white blanket. Take part in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding with local friends that you meet. Experience life like no other as the locals expertly go through ordinary life in 2 to 3 meters of snow. That may sound like a hard time but the town and it’s people have adapted to this unique situation and so will you in no time at all! This rare life experience is something we take pride in sharing with those who come visit us.

Also held in the Winter is a hot air balloon festival where you can see many colorful balloons dot the sky above a never ending sea of white snow. Winter is also the season of New Year's and the many unique Japanese traditions that surround it that you can experience first hand with Japanese families.

Full Year Program

Want the full Japanese experience and make friendships that last for a life time? This is the program for you!

Can't get enough of Ojiya after the seasonal programs?

Want to experience living in Japan and all the cultural and seasonal events Ojiya has to offer at an affordable price?


Then this is the program for you! Whether you need a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life or a place to stay during your gap year adventure, we here at Ojiya Study Abroad are ready to suit any of your needs and make your stay in our humble city your home away from home. Our full year program can be flexible to your needs and wants. You don’t have to stay for a full year if you can’t. But you can create your own adventures by choosing which seasons you want to experience in Ojiya.


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