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Our Curriculum

OJIYA STUDY ABROAD offers a wide variety of Japanese classes for different purposes and has levels for each student.


Each student will have 5 hours of private (or small group) lessons, and 15 hours of group (up to 6 students) lessons per week.


The textbooks used in our Japanese classes are:


   “Genki,” by Japan Times, for students who understand English

   “Minna no Nihongo,” by Three A Network, for students who do not understand English.



The class levels are:


 Class 1

   This class if for beginning Japanese students with little to no experience with the language. Here students will learn simple grammar, common expressions, and the Japanese writing system.


 Class 2

   This class is for those who have studied 50-100 hours of Japanese and can read and write hiragana without any difficulty. By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of basic Japanese grammar.


 Class 3

   This class is designed as a preparation for intermediate courses (JLPT N4). Students who have studied for 100-150 hours and hold an understanding of basic Japanese grammar. In this class, students will be applying their knowledge of basic Japanese grammar, focusing on listening, speaking, and writing on various topics, while expanding their vocabulary.


 Class 4 – JLPT N3


 Class 5 – JLPT N2


 Business Japanese class

   This class is designed for students who are interested in working for Japanese institutes or companies in the future. In this class, participants learn basic manners, useful expressions, and develop effective communication skills needed for jobs in Japan. This course utilizes multimedia teaching tools, textbooks, role-playing exercises to improve language and social skills.

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