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OSA strives to provide an authentic Japanese lifestyle on an affordable budget. For as little as $900* USD a month you will be provided with:


1.  A private room in a Japanese style home

2.  Shared kitchen, bathroom/washroom, and living room space

3.  Staple foods: rice, bread, seasonings etc

4.  Dish-ware and cooking utensils

5.  Private and group Japanese lessons

6.  Support from English speaking staff available on call
7. Free entrance to various local events and festivals

8.  A compact car and driving insurance included**

9. Upon completion of the program you will receive an official certificate for your degree or job hunting.

*Please understand the $900/month price is offered to those who are willing to volunteer in the community and at local schools.

**Provided you can receive a valid driver's license for use in Japan. 

Ojiya Study Abroad offers the Japanese experience at a fraction of the price of what you may find in larger urban cities such as Tokyo or Osaka. Furthermore OSA offers on-call English life support at anytime at no additional cost. 

You can also cut living costs by offering a helping hand at local farms, hosting private foreign language lessons, or helping the community with various tasks.

The American cell phone provider Sprint is owned by the Japanese company Softbank. As a result all Sprint phones work in Japan at no extra charge. If you don't have Sprint it is possible to set yourself up with a pre-paid phone in preparation for your stay in Ojiya!

*We suggest saving up extra cash as well if you plan to travel, purchase a cell phone, and for emergency needs. 


As you can see Ojiya Study Abroad offers a more personalized experience on an affordable budget. While Ojiya may lack the hustle and bustle of the city, Tokyo and other major cities are just a train ride away! The frequent bullet train can get you to Tokyo in only 3 hours. A portion of gas expenses will also be reimbursed should you be able to drive.

If you prefer to live more independently, and can afford the cost of living alone Ojiya Study Abroad will help you find an affordable home and a car for your own private use as well! Prices are negotiable. 


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